Those sins with my death to bear down,

November 14th, 2013

Those sins with my death to bear down, at least give the child an identity that can live in the palace as a matter of course. ”

Here, clearly see her eyes somewhat diffuse fog up, I even changed the subject, said: “To be honest content providers afternoon is not to come? see your appearance, did not dress up and look, pity this flower-like appearance. ”

she Poti and laughed, and said: “You and took Georland joke.”

turned to leave, her slender figure is about to disappear in the flowers, I vaguely heard her faint Yi Tan.

It seems that he is by her pity of it.

looked up at one of the world, the blue sky silky soft, wiping out several flower clouds flowing lines slightest. Parting bitter haste, infinite sorrow. Red Flower wins last year, but next year to spend better known and with whom?

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midnight the state drums just fallen, DBCLIFE Miyashita the first snow of winter.

silent, wizard-like pure and noble.

in the moonlight made it very quiet, shed a soft luster.

in such a snowy night, my child will be born.

pain than expected came to be strong. Probably because the child nine months never even brought me trouble, but now is the wave-like floodgates.

teeth off, do not want to moan, but the huge waves of pain tortured had hoarse screams.

midwife beside annoying chatters with, what is hard, harder, fast out.

distinct voice in the ears, but it felt more distant than in reality.

wheezing, weakness, sweating dripping.

vaguely heard the midwife right next to the ladies small channel: “Go ask the emperor came with the Empress, is giving birth.” Then I heard the footsteps of clutter out.

then smelled the strong Xuexing Qi, midwife edges lightly around my stomach, side and said: “Goddess, you have to hang on until this point, and again efforts to force ah!”

I slightly opened his eyes, looked at the house a mess, bloody cloth, constantly swapped out of hot water, the rush of the shadows.

Yes ah, I have to hang on until this point, how easily give up.

another wave of pain came, could not help shouting out loud.

clutching sheets, staring eyes and watch the clouds overhead accounts Lo embroidered, long ago, I watched the curtains so difficult to sleep, but then there is at least a pillow beloved companions.

people sometimes, really had to go on their own.

force, under the spell of the last one and effort.

life gradually goes in the body seems to have something out.

midwife surprise then that the voice: “Goddess, quick out, come out, and then efforts to force.”

my world fell into a momentary quiet. Suddenly sounded like a dull rainy thunder. Baby crying sound suddenly rang party world.

I opened my eyes already hazy, but no effort to go to reverse the head.

next midwife listening Congratulations: “Goddess, it was a prince.”

and my sight is gradually engulfed by darkness. Fatigue raging attack on the will, even if the struggle could not squeeze any how let me see that child’s effort.

gradually sleeping in the past.

have to destroy the light in our hearts and glitter.

suddenly thought: If I could live, how wonderful ……

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Xi Yan:

day in the snow photo Hills, wood however long. Daily Nevertheless swordsmanship, a task, or kill.

Ting Wing back of the envelope since, it has been no news, so I do not know how she is now. After about a good bar. After all, the man is so loved him.

today and swordsmanship. If looked at from the vessel side, but not neglect, recovered the sword all in the mind.

playing a set of nine drop the sword, to close after the discovery of potential new cool Zhuangzhu Yue Wu also appeared in court. Squeeze his hand two letters referred to the contents if the hands, whispered a few words if any connection capacity, and then his face is strange smile.

This is called ghost lakes West man, mind always gush some inexplicable idea, this time to see his expression, I do not know who had to be calculated.

Suddenly capacity if brow Qingcu, actually looked up to me.

heart suddenly playing the drums, watching Yue waving towards his new cool, the kind of unrest is even more intense.

had to bite the bullet in the past, listening Yue cool banter like smile new to me and said: “This has given us a big shot down the pile prop trading, indicating want you to go.”

“want me to go?”

“just want you to go.”

He calmly took the letter if the hand, tucked it away in my hands: “You could see for himself.”

I start a look, two unexpected letter quality are good, then look carefully the contents of involuntary stunned. “It is!” Holding the envelope to see if the volume, volume if it seems to oppose, he was a mountain of new pinch with your fingers to cool stopped by.

“Our aim is snow according Hills customer first, since you named, had to let you go, anyway, you freeload a woman in the town every year accustomed, Dodo is good.”

“But ……” I see the content if, let’s face if poor, Yue has a look of the new cool tease, his stand in between me and the content if half pushed, half shoving and said: “What also hesitant to You go you go, three or five years of coming back, I will not say anything. mixed on when to eat and drink less a figure nothing. ”

feel my heart filled with stocks heat, standing still, the new cool deep Yi Yi Yue: “Thank you for your sake.”

He laughed: “Silly boy, do you think I really give you your heart? I just think this thing fun Bale, after all, to make permanent contact with the large capacity of the country so the identity of the country’s two people jointly commissioned rescue a woman, who is not curious want to see what kind of person? her back on the woman in the town I have not be able to stay in a good reception, this can not be missed. Moreover, than to see you dead dog daily look better than too much like it. ”

“dead dog?” Look around the maid came chuckle, blush sake leave, over and over again Yue new cool and said: “Yesterday, Argentina’s back, you bring him along!”

road before understanding, that the two letters which one, it’s brought back ting. He told me that he was Zhangming Qi back to the large capacity, and imprisoned again. Until ten days before the release.

come here and the reason is that messenger.

bow looked at the letter, it is not accidental that called double man would actually use such a sincere tone to seek snow photos Villa rescued Ping Lan.

cloistered himself in wood flood plain for nearly a year, I do not know this world, what kind of changes that occurred.

Ping Han Wang Lan’s father turned out to be rebellion, but the most unexpected is actually interested in Tung Lan man sentenced to death under!

conceal his own sound, hiding outside the palace gates.

rebellion everywhere, attracted more stringent palace guards. I do not have as much of Argentina’s dodge, only in this waiting. You can silently wait for the opportunity to enter the palace.

midnight when it started to snow.

increasingly cold weather up. I do not know why, it makes me looking at the vast world of snow, was actually kind of sense of pathos feeling welling up.

At that moment, I suddenly felt a sound close. Hastily collected mind, hidden in the dark, staring at the direction of come.

hear footsteps not to be guards, but not the martial arts people, slightly Ann heart, academics man suddenly whispered: “Here is what the Greek generals?”

suddenly wary, to appease the live side of Ting, thought still stand out of the physique.

“Who are you.”

man walked in front of me, by the lights on the walls of the palace had a glimpse: “Yes quotient adults?!” It was an accident how this person will appear here. See him slightly toward me a ceremony, said: “Business volume in adults wait a long long time for this.” Mind is surprised, “how did you know I was here?”

he smiled and said: “In the coming affected by the princes of life, especially to where collusion adults, adults and brought good will within the palace.”

“Wang Ming? Which commandment of the king?”

“Greek adults affected by which of the king, the next is the subject of Which king’s commandment. Han Wang Princess safety concerns, specifically in the palace to take care of the next life, but also sent care of the wood shine snow Ze Villa, Greek adults do not end to the What? ”

This time realized that the original front of the man himself, but also the Korean king’s men.

“how would you go with me?”

“It was not difficult, now leader of the palace guards, a very good relationship with the supplier capacity, adults do not worry.”

Then he took out two guards clothes, put on us, and said: “Please come with the content provider.”

seems that this business can be accommodated in the palace seemed to walk freely, with my now-ting straight into the inside of the house, and no one hindered.

this way until you come to a palace, he only said: “Greek adults, which is in front of the home of DBCLIFE Princess Palace tonight Princess childbirth, has to be under a prince, surrounded mostly by the emperor guards removed , just waiting for execution tomorrow, so adult hand if not tonight, I’m afraid we must life is no guarantee of the Princess. ”

him road, I actually have a moment of absence. Ting’s been stabbed to only pour down the mind.

will leave Argentina’s collusion, himself from a low wall jump into it. Landing place is a garden, go inside, went to the apse.

there seems to only one point lights, dim light looming.

This is not her palace? Think to myself, opened the window paper poke inside minutely, I saw the wall and couch. Probably wants.

around to the front, no one was waiting, he opened the door, to go and went inside.

until the bed, and she saw her. Involuntary just shocked.

seen a year, she actually is so badly emaciated. Messy hair, pale. I do not know by how torture.

gently sat beside her, saw her eyes wet with tears, raised his hand, trying to help her erase.

academics she gently Yi Tan, endless grief.

snow over flowers, instant April

November 14th, 2013

snow over flowers, instant April.

previously scheduled in utero secret agents sent back to the news. Wing envelope born civil strife, the king of the north and south between Dong also increasingly frequent.

Sun are meant joint permanent network monarch of the country in addition to damage, and want to take a trip to the Palace Wing envelope and names are diplomatic matters, but in reality the king through the country to gather evidence of north-south.

At this time, I knew something she did not know some things about her.

had her identity not only nothing more.

permanent network situation will become more complex.

seems that the emperor, is determined to be extremely a headache.

But all this has nothing to do with me, I finally pursue something only one, still have not changed.

just do not know that this goodbye to her, is what it looks like.

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Ping Lan:

off the Yuruo Lan, my heart is uneasy. Feel there are some things I can not grasp gradually occur, and this kind of thing is likely to make me become a stranger and sub-huang.

second day some gloomy weather, storm is brewing.
After the Board have long
DBCLIFE Palace courtyard planted on a peony, seeing open mouthwatering, but it is away from the meaning. Seems bright and brilliant, always accompanied by the decline comes, no stopping.

are to eat lunch, I actually do not double again.

he granted to a given child to the dishes, sit down, eat the food prepared for me. Then of course the accusations given child, say salty dish, that dish faded.

given child confused look surprised, panic knowing what to do.

Finally, he gave me a bowl full of clip he believes that “awful” the dish, said: “This thing, this female talent will you eat it, if you do not eat, I think that the maid also do not stay here. ”

had his things are very inconsistent, but glanced given child embarrassed look, but also had to eat.

exhausted meal outside, overcast morning black down. Some hot weather, people are lazy, feebly.

not pair still sitting on my side of the trunk, and did not go look. I do not like his breath, simply stood up and walked Wangwaimian.

it would not follow him, only when I went to the porch when suddenly blazing said simply: “You’re the emperor, how long did not see you.”

Zhengzhu sudden, cold hands. Clinging to the side of the railing, I do not know how to stop.

some things for a long time had been gathering dust, suddenly was dug up, like burst wounds, soon oozing blood awe-inspiring.

“…… a month about it.”

faint smile, I do not know why, just do not want this man exposed himself to her in a vulnerable way.

He walked over, stood with me, or is so spicy tone. “The roots are not old, uh been cut off, you are the woman, it really is a little sad.” Paused, and asked: “Do you want me to comfort you?”

subconscious ducked under his step. “Beg to be excused.”

“is avoided as snakes and scorpions.” He laugh at yourself, “I really do not know that he is the proud or sad, are you so afraid of me?”

“You always want people to be afraid of you?”

He Leng Liaoleng, but laughed language.

readily picked out a leaf placed in the hands of play.

“That your father …… How long did come to see you?”

“frontier father has been charged with the heavy responsibility, how can leave easily.”

“What about your brother do?”

“Big Brother?” Think about it, it seems that Big Brother has been a long time did not send the message back, even the things that did not lead the troops informed me. I do not know what the situation is now.

silently shook his head, not double but lost in thought.

little curious, asked him: “how can you be interested in these?”

“just ask nothing more, and there are some things to tell you.” He hesitated revealed a rare look, paused for a moment, just smiled and said: “But I want to think about it.”

“really wonderful, you also have not decide when.”

his light laugh: “After all, it comes to the things I care about, not carefully consider next how can do.”

I turned and looked out Yinhui weather. Nongyun tick a few wiping exotic colors, hanging in the air, lifeless.

feel close beside him, feeling the muscles are tight.

want to dodge, they heard a burst of hurried outside reminds footsteps.

“master! masters big bad!” is given child’s voice, she went outside the gallery, messy hair soaked with sweat. First Zhengzhu not see double, then your mouth wide, never no sound.

I was somewhat disturbed by her looks confused, and even asked: “how in the end.”

may be children but no time to tell me that not only will I double a arms, forced to hold, and then gently in my ear and said: “Your father, afraid to backwards.”

a clap of thunder batch opened Miles dark, the rain came crashing down, throwing days overland ……

my body was pulled out of the effort, limp in his arms, but did not give a rebuttal: “…… what nonsense you talk.” gone back only to find themselves emboldened, thinking about it, I probably already have a hunch, so even denied, and no excuse can support.

father’s troops had become by virtue of his rebellion, but I really can not think of any reason, what reason can Zhongliang generations of Chinese family embarked on such a road of no return.

Do kingship really seem so insane?

thought, tears begins cheeks, eyes hollow confused, “I do not believe ……” There is no sense shook his head, almost crazy. “I do not believe it!”

seeing definite children knelt rain on her, she was motionless, completely by default.

I think my world will collapse.

but all understand content provider

November 14th, 2013

but all understand content provider.

He poured air suction the mouth, stiff looking at me: “You want me to frame framed? Why ……”

Why …… I do not know, I only know that once everything I lost too, after those prior to and fro, the former overnight happy as long as I would have gone.

took a deep breath, for he said: “I want you to help me put the bamboo into Dong providers collaborationist traitor evidence. Dong providers act a cautious, hard to catch his handle, however traitorous collaborators , no matter at what time, are Heaven’s aboriginal felony, although we are in the blame, but in my father’s influence, as well as the central position of sheets, afraid he would resist, after the downfall of the DPRK does not want Dong Only we, as long as there is this opportunity to those bent on moving TUNG’s officials will this big fuss about that time, even if the body has Momotari Dong providers, having one hundred, but also Juenan escape. course …… ”

me out of the waist dagger into his hands.

“I know that is really wronged you, if you think my behavior is wrong, now I can be tied, escorted to Yuanlao framed Marshal told me there’s sin, all this is my selfish when too retribution, I would never blame you. ”

is silent.

business volume Jaunlet their eyes covered with a layer of water vapor.

He knelt in front of me, suddenly bowed his goodly head, formal bow down to me.

“Marshal, business volume was very young, on his personal life was too confused and I do not want something to do with Dong, but because of his father in that ring, they had with them inextricably. others afraid of me, Scholars who look down on me, no one recognizes me, only you with the emperor, really believe in me, and you fight saved my life, no matter whence look, content providers are supposed to be your life, so no matter What you want to do business volume, are the million dead without any hesitation …… ”

he bowed toward me, forced to hit the ground, issued a thunderous dull sound.

my tears could not stop, like a dike flooded out.

sorry ……

only these three words simply can not express my heart guilt. This is not just for business content, more child-huang. I am now in conspired against him, betrayed my life the most important person.


content from providers out there. Began to snow.

new year has just begun, but every day in the Yin Hui, I do not know when is the end.

over February, early snow melt, and I leave the sub-huang line driving, the end desire is to return to that storm surge palace ……

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

This is the order of the morning to the gates, and because of that a bunch of complicated ritual until noon before returning DBCLIFE Palace.

Nothing has changed there, or when I go look. Just a few little ladies saw me exceptionally miss, happy loneliness.

said the child would then only trapped by their own.

then given over to announce his children, Zhang Jie Yu Xian Fei and several took their gift, come see me.

trek, already tired, and now no spirit, they just let children be invited Zhang Xian Fei.

seen more than a year, she would have no change, still gentle Tutu, Handan water-like appearance.

asked her to drink tea, idle chatting during my absence palace thing.

just DBCLIFE Palace as, without the slightest change.

mention intentionally or unintentionally, the Queen’s recent health these days?

She smiled gently muzzled: “pretty good stuff, but occasionally made some temper. angered a few people do not dare Jie Yu Gong her there.”

I listen to understand, it seems that it is not good.

the border before leaving, I would Dispatching the father to stay in the military cronies brought a message to fathers, telling them my plan.

of course, that the authenticity of bamboo did not say so, and I think his father would not care about these, his purpose is to eliminate the affairs of state, what means that already irrelevant.

since his father began to put pressure on Dong exploitation, and that the spirit of Directors after, naturally, not be good to go.

secretly wondering what his father did what extent, want big brother should find a day to meet with him to discuss how to do it after.

so stunned for a long while, outside, the sky also go dark.

sub-huang back on the Capital Pavilion Hall reception from Baiguan, now almost have to come back. Carry the bamboo has been put out, and read it again. Painted silver hook iron content providers, inscribed with the director’s brushwork has already changed his famous Bo-Cheng, letting skilled in playing the unusual herbs ting to do some hands and feet, can be used simply perfect to describe.

fact, since that day onwards, I have been thinking about business content with the things I mentioned.

Dong forces too large, can not easily go to move, if you move it, do it hurt fundamental preparation. It is now a permanent network can withstand the turmoil?

Whenever I thought of this, my heart is extremely upset. The more chaos, the more I do not tell yourself what is right or wrong. But after all, is to get rid of Dong, malignant tumors is unclear, the body will not be good, can only cut the flesh, but if, in time, be it …… I will slowly recover such an optimistic thought.

second day, father had sent the letter, greetings sentences throughout are only added in the last sentence: Everything by you.

they understood everything.

see Zhang Xian Fei previously when intentionally or unintentionally, the meaning of the father through on Dong gave her, she was more than I imagined to be shrewd, those words mean she will understand.

some called in a neutral attitude towards the veteran, Ruoyouruowu reminding the two.

war neutrality in the Northeast as I have significant power, some officials have begun to move closer to me, everything looks better than I imagined to be successful a lot.

Yet all this, I said nothing about it is sub-huang.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

woke up that day, put on the previous Gongzhuang. Mirror to look inside himself, was actually kind of strange.

given child turned his head to ask: “I have changed it?”

given child Minzui smile: “master has been such a beautiful angel-like, say change, it just become more charming, Slaves Eniang said that a woman Yeah, to this age must change.”

I shook my head, hand in the mirror, took a deep breath.

“It seems that I really have changed.” faint smile, mouth there is a slight bitterness welling up.

do not know this time tomorrow, I will become what.

afternoon, my brother came.

the bamboo taught him, and wrote a letter, so that he forwarded to the content provider.

father previously had been paying close attention to Dong’s actions have mastered many of his clique, as evidence of corruption, but those are just some kid, could not shake the director’s position.

now, but different.

even just planted evidence.

“You have done well, his father said he was proud of you.” brother kissed my forehead, so happy, “Now, many of neutrality toward the minister have favored the father, while the central bank also decided Chang will not give up this opportunity Doukua Dong providers, as well as, you know father coming. ”

“Father?!” I exclaimed, “His Holiness how come?”

brother clutching my mouth to my low voice, said: “My father just came secret, did not tell anyone, mainly in order to confirm Zhang Mao not defection, so the palace everything you can have a free hand do, as long as we believe the emperor, Dong supplier faction no longer the body can not turn the absolute. ”

he vowed, my heart was extremely complex.

“is this ……” whispered: “Miyazato, I think I was not much help the ……” loud enough, my brother does not seem to hear. He put away the piece of bamboo, together with a letter I wrote to content providers, to my rotation. In the Pro out there a little hesitant when he turned to me and said: “Lan, in fact ……” He hesitated a moment, the end is at that point, just rubbed my head and said: “My little sister, appears to be growing, as you will have a greater burden to be more take care of. ”

I nodded, sending him out.

In fact, I wanted to tell him, my shoulder, you do not really have a strong imagination ……

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ 7

1092 年 1 March

apricot beginning to bloom. People still are those people, there is a little different.

brother moving in classroom this morning, joined the business a director.

crime: patronage, abuse, harm people …… and evidence collected over the years his father showed up. There Zhang Baiguan the joint letter.

does not indicate collaborationist traitor counts.

results just sent supreme court, messengers Taiwan, Punishments for review.

evening sub-huang come back with me about this matter, his tone as always, it did not change anything, just sleep

then heard Dongmei, said: “You take thin

November 14th, 2013

house fire light up.

then heard Dongmei, said: “You take things too hard or what? masters have said ……” behind the sound is too small, I can not hear, hurried to scrape together scrape the corner, only to hear: “I wish to tell the truth tell you, the girl received a few days ago has been chor come, even to her, you should also listen to the words of chor …… ”

the girl? Could it be said that I am? And this seems to listen to those Zhuangding Chu …… said Guo Ting’s Master of Chu. This is how the case?

I immediately playing the twelfth spirit, attached to the wall to listen carefully, for fear of dew under a word.

but there is no one of the movement.

had for ages, just hear a man’s voice said: “She really came …… what ……”

And that voice made me whole body’s blood must Ningzhu. Unconsciously stood up straight, his hand going to push that door, but in this case, an arctic air behind me hit by a sudden, I did not make any response at the time, that the sword has been cross in my neck.

moonlight like water sprinkled on the body of the sword that light cyan, Akira in the eyes, dazzling white.

behind the man flashed half of the body, slowly around to the front of me.

his lips with a little mocking, half-sowed chin at me. Then contempt on me: “Girl, I see you crossed the line this time ……”

I looked at him and blinked hard to determine that they are not wrong before subconsciously Nom the sentence: “You are content if ……”

he coldly a hum: “Imagine you know my name, that’s what he told you?”


“is his.”

his leg kick that door crashing to the ground, which emerged in both natural scared.

is only one person exclaimed chor. The other is called the sentence dazed Ping Lan ……

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ 77

never expected to see Xi Yan, I did not think I would go to see him in these circumstances.

in my being used to prove safety, he was hanging on the pole with a chain this case to see him again.

consternation shouting, leg want to come in, but came a burst of neck throes.

“you give me standing here, do not touch.”

Chu Yung Shen cold water if the face, he turned around and glanced Xi Yan, it said: “Originally thought to let you meet, but this way is good, right here understand you, so that you understand what’s going on is what you should do. ”

Having put the sword of a collection, not in the dust, like action to fill the gap in general.

but I can no longer move, although his sword out of my neck, but that sense of persecution Qinru marrow remain, as if the slightest movement, it is necessary ashes.
Then Chu Yung If
into the house, it did not look Dongmei kneeling on the ground, and walked straight in front of the Greek Yan, half smiling, asked: “She is now in this, you have to go back to it ? ”

Xi Yan, head down, do not speak.

Chu Yung if they said: “If you did not forget to follow me to the snow shine Hill said when, put the former gave me forget everything. permanent contact with your country has nothing to do everything, not just permanent network, it with wooden Ze, large capacity, as well as any state of things have nothing to do with you, you’re a killer, killer must not become a subsidiary ruler, you should already know this truth. ”

Xi Yan is still intact.

Chu Yung If straight at him, a long, just gently Yi Tan: “The Ting’s take you back, is a good thing, you’re here think about it.”

With that he walked in front of me, looked at me from top to bottom, and that sight made me feeling uncomfortable. And just when I was bailing see him, he was a laid hold of my wrist, I will carry on like a sack as the shoulders.

I exclaimed aloud, beating him to let him put me down. But he seemed not to hear in general, on the inside Dongmei, said: “You go to prepare basin bath, give him a good clean up in the nest box all the way, covered with odor.”

kicked my feet continue to struggle, he estimated was impatient, and suddenly I said: “Hey! woman, if you Zainao stripped of clothes and I’ll throw in the street!”

also had to shut up ……

Chapter 48

think he is so favored a color man.

secretly pondered, and glanced at him on the side of the mouth of the sword that, sure enough, and that day he was assassinated in the Royal Court smooth as when the sub-huang, scabbard, hilt, even Jiansui, full of a water white.

really -

little perverted it ……

stared at him, I knew the man in front of anyone seen with the past are not the same. I do not know him, but also understand that even though I understand that it is only increased my fear of him was nothing.

Yung If the word is not new for me, Xi Yan often heard before the lift, coupled with his assassination sub-huang, like engraved on bones generally never erase.

but those are just a glimpse of the past. Today they have to face.

I want to figure out what he wanted.

both for me, or sub-huang

“You are the master of Argentina’s what?” measure for a long time, the end is an opening to ask him.

he should touch the sound, the sight recovered and placed in the hands holding the roll of a book.

see his reaction to it, and sometimes actually do not know how to deal with, but thought he is now nothing to hesitate, and then lift the breath loudly: “Why are you imprisoned me and the Greek Yan?”

Then he lifted his eyelids slightly, looked at me funny: “You’re where so many questions?”

“If you told me, I naturally will not ask.”

He put the book on the side of the table, and said: “I never imprisoned Xi Yan, and for you, I did not intend to let you stay here long.”

I froze, and asked him: “What do you mean?”

he would close at hand Paoxiu years, crossed across their chests, condescending looks like: “Do you know Greek Yan life experience?”

slightly retrospect, do remember Xi Yan once mention: “He’s not the orphan with Lu Qing What?”

“orphans right, but it is limited to the past, I may as well tell you, he is a killer Yan Xi, and certainly can become the best killers.”

suddenly aghast, fingertips are cold.

“What are you talking ……”

hum he laughed: “Whether you believe or not to believe or hope Yan decided to follow me two years ago, it is destined to his identity, and his first task that I gave him, you are so smart should be able to guess how much out. ”

This is not just cold hands and feet, and even internal organs are all frozen.

stared at him, not a statement.

“let him kill you …… son Huang?”

“correct to say that he obstructed me to assassinate the Emperor, so had to let him hands.”

“You actually use him!”

“That is his voluntary.”

“You!” breath choking on his chest, cis, however, involves the body’s nerves rebellion, chaos one mind.

how he could so, how could he do such a thing Yan Xi!

“You know I told Xi Yan thing it ……” suppress his anger, his voice hoarse.

him laugh, indifferent smile: “Just because we know that, so just let him go, this relationship with you, he will kill the chances of success increase exponentially. And once he completed this mission, nature will give him After the road lay a solid foundation, after the assassination of an emperor, not everyone can do to the killer. ”

his words, every word grim, scuffle with filled my heart, I could not hear it, can no longer listen to them.

“You bastard!”

clenched his fists towards his face to go to fight, fight to make the effort.

but in anticipation of which he flashed, and then came a burst on the wrist pain.

he grabbed me, like agility, so unable to resist the effort.

my heart suddenly took a Pengpai powerlessness.

eyeful of white slowly melt away, hazy one.

what reincarnation, what king’s daughter, what generals, what position high over it.

people around me are suffering because of me hurt, but I was helpless.

I can not protect anyone, including myself.

previous ideas, too naive.

Is laughing, all this for me, it is fun

November 14th, 2013

Is laughing, all this for me, it is fun.

inside the body to the throne by the by, for a comfortable position, and asked leathery sea: “North King believe how kind?”
than he still hi calm. Stroked his gray beard looked at her for a long time, fishes me: “Qibing Majesty, the minister that this woman can not stay in the palace, immediately to beheading.”
“Oh?” smile has not changed, only slightly narrowed his eyes, “Why?”
“Qingui not marry someone else’s wife, not Zaokang’s daughter, which is laid down in the rules of our ancestors, although this woman into the country as a permanent network offering beauty, but that is a permanent network monarch fly example, if His Majesty thereon by Her Majesty Revenue harem, reached people’s ears, it will only become a joke, while China and the permanent network has the fire, Majesty cut this person can also be inspiring morale. ”
these feelings are still really old fogy article.
I disregarded No, just look at her, but saw her eyes somewhat obvious contempt.

such a woman, be rarely found, and managed to get her to the side of the trunk, how easily she died.
Xieni leather sea, with a lazy tone: “This woman had a big break eight hundred thousand army soldiers and horses, it is so kill and too pity.”
“a woman can do much, I do not believe that a few games tiger ride off to fight her battles.” Shang-hi gruff robbed, then Lengheng.
I said: “Not necessarily, I heard that John envelope States Women restriction is not deep, just talented, will be entrusted with the task since, she has been able to marshal as four hundred thousand army soldiers and horses, in relation with extraordinary ability.”
leather Hydrographic: “She was too afraid to have a skill, the palace became the country’s spy network forever.”
I said: “Today, large capacity built in the early country, it is the employer of the occasion, if she can put to use for me, would it be better?”
Shang Hei said: “That must really have a skill she got.”

Until this point, she is still without being moved.
things as we now argue, has nothing to do with her completely different.
eyes some scattered, as in looking at a number of distant things.

I think if she was forced to die.
clapping, ringing in the large hall reverb.
prior arrangement under the charge of a person two guards up.
What reaction did
she began, then stopped at the sight of the man who, his brow all at once, probably recognize them.
“This is the border caught the soldiers, according to him, the captain of their Chinese Tung Lan have great insight on the art of war, more powerful front row of the Ministry of War, if the remark is true, I think this Chinese Tung Lan way to prove since there will be and if not real, I stay this person is useless, simply cut along the bar. ”
finished, I went to see her, listen to her soldier said the soldiers always cherish her and want to be at this time she will not sit idly by as innocent people were tired of it.

Sure enough, her eyes slightly changed, and finally gently Yi Tan, as a renunciation sound like a quiet opening and said: “Do you have anything to ask, just ask it.”
I then laughed out, glanced south king, motioning them openings.
two men muttered Council said: “Su Wen Grand Marshall of the Ministry of War Sun are very insightful on the art of war, His Majesty is better to ask him to ask.”
I think also he commanded to preach.
Soon, Sun are arrived, and told him to call the intention to understand, let him go to trial.
He pondered a lot, it asked: “You heard the tiger ride twice burned off, is not it?”
She nodded.
“It seems that you are very understanding of the art of fire attack, but the art of fire attack just general art of war, I just want to ask you to deal with enemy fire attack methods: If in the canyon, the army blocked the front and rear is truncated , when the enemy with fire valley, what shall we do? ”
Although easy to use Huogong
States, very few can deal Huogong approach. I looked at her, she lifted her head slightly, eyes flashing meteor.
After a long time, when I thought she was going to give up, I suddenly heard her: “encounter such cases, immediate army far away from a burning grass and sorted out in advance in front of a clean space to isolate the fire then downwind ignite the flame if the enemy downwind, starting from the fire will be scattered and fled. If the enemy in front of our army, our military should immediately occupied the Black Lands burnt left and right support from the shield Crossbow guards, so even being on fire, there will not be too much damage. ”

she finished, he lowered his head a little, do not like anger, pale watery.

but I deeply lament for her remarks.
never thought about ways to deal with such a fire attack. Since ancient times, mostly generals rush spell, killing more than half, but no one tried to put a fire in the fire attack from Shiyou save. After burning the Black Lands since there will be no fire since that time but also can keep attacking, it is amazing talk.

is the face of the Sun are Yaran of color. After a long while before Qing Ke
a cry, and said: “The girl really high on. below have a question, if we want to fight against the enemy, and do not want to use military means, what shall we do?”
she is still half rise, eyes blurred, near or far. After a Zhancha effort, just took a deep breath and said: “The so-called paper cutting, there are twelve, one is because of the joy, to shun their blog. Two as parents they love to point Famex . around three to bribe overcast, was feeling very well. four supplemented its Yinyue to wide-chi, thick bribe bead and entertainment to beauty. five is closing its inner and outer rooms. six for the support of their fans of Chen Yi chaos , into the beauty Yinsheng to confusion, leaving the good pleasures in labor, time and trend to entice, with police on the world map. VII …… “she paused, Liu Mei Qingcu, I thought she was going to say , but do not actually sentence: “I do not remember ……”
very unexpected.
Sun are the expression is more like being suddenly grabbed his neck like, a stunned, but did not give up: “The girl said are odd strategy, the next really admire, but also hope that the remaining five will not hesitate to tell. or girl What’s hiding something? ”
she still shaking his head, showing a little tired. That way people could not help but give birth to a little pity.
I waved Sun are questioning stopped, and said: “Here it went to Sun Sima, what do you think?”
his face enough, naturally said: “This woman absolutely can not kill, it is the talent, the talent ah! If they could close at our country, but His Majesty’s blessing, a blessing for the people.”

hand, they worshiped him, and I look north and south two kings were speechless.
to just walk away.

Trench with her back to the palace.
still walking behind her.
mellow moonlight tonight, sprinkle silver in general. Shone on her, was actually a beautiful landscape woven out.
really superb.

to the palace, she was sitting quietly on a chair, her face toward the window. Long eyelashes were lights dropped a silhouette, motionless.
I do not like her like this, look for a topic, asked her: “Do you think the old man how about those two?”
she was still looking at the outside, like a general did not hear my words.

one kind of anger welling up out of thin air.
not yet a woman can do this to me, no one can trample on all my pride so that she is not a!
hard Cheguo her, pinching her chin, forcing her to look at me.
“you do not forget their identity, now you can be more than you are one who lives, think about not tell you over the little girl with it! I can always make her living death!”

her eyes empty, as was removing the soul, after a long time only the focal length, is actually kind of look at me.
resentment and contempt. Finally said to me: “You’re the man, no to medicine.”

I spent a great deal of effort to make yourself With a smile on her: “You found it, I thought you first met me, these have awakened.”

resentment she still staring at me, stare for a long time, it said: “I never thought you would be so disregard for human life.”
“Today Everything you arrange it, including the soldier, if I do not say those words, whether he is not our permanent contact country who are able to escape a death, you force me to, what else do not out! ”

slightly surprised, because she thought that was the case.
looked at her eyes, dark eye, full of hatred of the eye, the heart suddenly some cold.
“I really have to do anything out.” laughing at her, grasping her to come back forgotten intention.
Now that she has found my evil, nasty in the end I’ll let her hate me, hate his life forget.
“come ah!”
Foreign feeding, waiting established chamberlain came immediately.
“pass I will, and a month later, the album Chinese Tung Lan Weifei!”

Chapter 44

weather immediately into May.

cicadas sound noisy, annoying.

Rites album next month Princess Mingtie been drafted, presented to me to look over.

looked open two, there is no mood. Simply put the official one push straight to the palace Trench direction.

to the door, was actually heard a burst of flute.

slightly muffled, Cantabile appeal.

unfortunately not clever tricks, just turn a few syllables, to put down.

from the half-open palace looked inside, and she sat in the shade, shook hands only flute. Half will look at the sky. Motionless, quiet unreal.

I suddenly remembered a few days ago died of a hunger strike Mustang, even the appearance of dead will never surrender my heart a little uneasy.

push the door would move into, academics she sighed profoundly, and then head buried in his knee room.

I seem to hear her self-deprecating laugh, almost inaudible. But the most clear still is the pharynx weep, intermittent, distraught.

the pace of recovery, quietly shut the palace.

then made a long while leaning on the stay there.